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Welcome to the joint ICU teaching portal for registrars of CVICU, Whangarei ICU and DCCM.

Tuesday Education Session (TuES) start every tuesday from 1330.

If you are a registrar in CVICU, DCCM or Whangarei, you should receive a login close to the beginning of the run.  Please click "contact me" and fill in your details to sign up if you have not.

Click below for quick links (you will need a password for the TuES zoom link, otherwise click on timetable and be directed to the link with the password):

Get the moodle app here! You will need to sign up to the website first with your DHB email, then download the app:

Scan the QR code below with the app and then you are away!

From the editor

This site is now used for regular Tuesday afternoon teaching for DCCM/CVIUC and Whangarei ICU registrars.  The regional ICU teaching has now been taken over by the Auckland ICU VTC.

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